Augusto Giovanetti
Montevideo. 1980. Uruguay

I develop design and illustration work from the point of view of an illustrator combining different media such as lettering and 3d modeling.

I grew up in Montevideo, where I studied design and illustration with special attention to the creation of characters and their development in the visual identity of different projects.

I work mainly for publishers, advertising agencies, theater companies or rock bands both local and from other countries.

When I'm not working I can be producing serigraphs of my own works or woodcuts, making sculptures or also giving art direction classes in local design schools.

Ed. Gestalten, Nylon Magazine, Computer Arts Magazine, MovieMaker Magazine, Pablo Gimenez Escuela Integral de Diseño, Zorrilla Museum, ANEP, Bizarro Records, Metropolis Films, Oriental Films, Murdoc Films.
Augusto Giovanetti
Salto 1015, Office 2
11300, Montevideo
Tel. +598 99 507 550

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